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Relationship Issues

Basically opposites attract and then begin to bug and drive the other crazy! This attraction is usually that the other has developed qualities that I deeply need developed for my own healing but have not consciously developed. The soul’s purpose for a significant relationship is to bring forth what is most wounded within me—so that healing and redemption can happen. Our work will be about connecting to those issues and patterns within myself and the other that hinder and prevent meaningful and satisfying relationships.

Grief and Loss

We all have the universal experience of death and loss. It is inevitable–the death of our parents, our mate, our child, our friends, our pets. Losses happen: our friends move or change, jobs are lost, our homes are lost, our youth is lost. In our work together, we will face these losses with safety, with emotional depth, and with an opening to the healing energies.

Early Childhood Trauma

The earliest years of infancy  and childhood are not lost but like a child’s footprints in wet cement are often life long. Our work together will be breaking up the ‘concrete’ that holds, binds, and imprisons us.

Trauma and Dissociation

We all have experiences of being overwhelmed where we feel powerless and helpless. Our therapeutic work will focus on gaining our personal power, our truth, and our voice. This comes about by facing and becoming conscious of those events that we have strongly avoided and denied. This is called ‘conscious suffering’ and it can bring about healing done in small doses that we can metabolize.


We often have those moments where we have panic, shortness of breath, dread of the future, sweaty body responses, and terror in the night when we are stressed and anxious. Our work will focus on the causes and how to regulate our emotions; soothe and care for our terrified selves.


The core of any addiction—is what is the pain/issue that I am avoiding and running away from? Our work will be to uncover the pain/issue and to face it within a safe, secure, and caring environment.

Dealing with Anger

The illusion is that we manage our anger! If we don’t face the pain and hurt underneath our anger—then our anger manages us! Our work will be to discover, face, and deal with the pain and hurt so we can regulate our anger in a healing manner.


We all experience loss, grief, and despair and those times when the desire to live grows weak. Our work will be through the creative arts and the images and symbols of dreams to turn despair into a fountain of creative energy.

Midlife Challenges

Midlife presents us with an opportunity to reexamine our lives and to ask the sometimes terrifying but always liberating question, “Is this all there is to my life?”

If we discover that we have been living what constitutes a false self, that we have been living a provisional adulthood driven by unrealistic expectations; then we open the possibility for the second adulthood, our true selves.

Midlife represents a wonderful, though often painful, opportunity to revision our sense of self.

Heart Attack Issues

When our hearts speak via the heart attack we need to listen carefully. It is a matter of life and death! Our work will focus on how is our life force blocked and what needs to be opened so that we can fully live.


In approaching later life, it is important to remember that aging is not a diagnosis.

It is natural and normal. It means staying curious, vital, and active. We will have limitations, which we need to accept and experience as challenges rather than as defeats.

Dream Interpretation

Dreams are like getting instructions from a wise person within us. Our work together will delve into the meaning of the images and emotions of the dream and then how to apply this to our daily living. These messages from our dreams, suggest the changes we need to make in order to have a fuller and more balanced life.


Am I in a relationship with the Other that directs me toward meaning and purpose?

This is not primarily about beliefs but about experiencing that which grounds and orientates my life. Our work will focus on those times in our lives when we experienced Mystery and how those times can anchor us.

Finding Meaning and Purpose

Einstein states “the person who regards his life as meaningless is not merely unhappy, but hardly fit for life.” C.G. Jung called this ‘loss of soul.’ Our work together will focus on enabling you to find your meaning and purpose by listening and following the guidance and wisdom of your inner voice, your psyche.


Dr. Soliday offers supervision to clinicians who are interested in doing depth work from a Jungian perspective. He also is qualified to guide LPC interns in the licensing process.

  • Provided towards licensing
  • Developing deeper clinical skills

“Nothing is easier than self-deceit.”
– Demosthenes